About Us

Mission Statement

O’Connor, Carnathan and Mack helps people and companies resolve their disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

About Us

OCM’s attorneys offer deep expertise in all dispute resolution forums.  Our named partners all have over 20 years of experience, focused exclusively on litigation and related forms of dispute resolution.  None of our attorneys have less than 3 years experience.  Whether pursuing negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, OCM helps its clients solve problems. We are dedicated to excellence.

  1. A legal dispute is a problem that needs solving. Sometimes a solution can be negotiated. Sometimes you need a judge or jury to sort it out.
  2. Never lose sight of the stakes. Spending more on legal fees than you are fighting about never makes sense.
  3. Communication is everything. At no time should a client be wondering what is going on with their case.

O’Connor, Carnathan & Mack has represented a diverse cross section of industry leaders in complex litigation and related matters. Its clients have included local, national, and international corporations primarily in the financial, technology, insurance and retail industries, such as:


  • State Street Bank and Trust Company
  • Baystate Financial Services, LLC
  • Baystate Wealth Management, LLC
  • Tuckerbrook Alternative Investments, LP
  • Tuckerbrook SB Global Special Situations Fund, LP
  • Tuckerbrook SB Global Distressed Fund, LP
  • Morningside Venture Capital
Morningside Group, LLC
  • Wellesley Companies, Inc.
  • Stone Canyon Limited Partnership
  • BPR Group Limited Partnership
  • New Killarney Limited Partnership
  • Via De Neri Capital, LLC
  • K Capital Management
  • Edelstein & Company
  • Fortune Wakefield
  • Northcan Investments, LTD

Technology Companies

  • Evergreen Solar, Inc.
  • Excelitas Technologies
  • Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
  • Mirror Image Internet, Inc.
  • Organogenesis, Inc.
  • Sonus Networks, LLC
  • Polestar Technologies, Inc.
  • Virtual Iron Software, Inc.
  • AisleBuyer, LLC
  • Bridgeline Digital
  • Relicore

Insurance Industry

  • Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund
  • New Hampshire Insurance Guaranty Association
  • Larson Insurance Agency
  • Hub International


  • Circuit City Stores, Inc.
  • Staples, Inc.
  • E.D. Bessey Lumber
  • George Howell Coffee Company
  • Second Time Around

Other Major Companies and Institutions

  • Comcast Corporation
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
  • Partners Healthcare
  • Analysis Group
  • Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA-Angell)
  • Dextrys
  • Boston Business Systems
  • Living Care Villages of Massachusetts
  • Decision Resources, Inc.
  • Westfield Corporation
  • Aquent, LLC
  • KOVA Corp.
  • Teltech
  • Wellbridge Company
  • Boston School of Modern Language