Second Circuit Approves Attorney Advertising

Second Circuit Approves Attorney Advertising

By Sean T. Carnathan
Litigation News
Associate Editor
May 17, 2010

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently approved attorney advertising [PDF] that includes depictions of the lawyers as having super powers.

The challenged advertisements included ones referring to the lawyers of the firm as “heavy hitters,” portraying comical scenes, or incorporating special effects and jingles. In some advertisements, they depicted themselves “providing legal assistance to space aliens,” towering as giants above buildings, or running so fast that they appeared as blurs.

The firm’s advertising efforts apparently work. According to one ad posted on their website, “Quality Counts,” last year the firm fielded more than 9,000 calls from personal injury plaintiffs and handled more than 1,500 cases.

The dispute arose when the New York Appellate Division adopted new rules prohibiting certain types of attorney advertising and solicitation, which would have barred, among other things, “testimonials from clients relating to pending matters, portrayals of judges or fictitious law firms, attention-getting techniques unrelated to attorney competence, and trade names or nicknames that imply an ability to get results.”

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